Welcome to Megatropolis.

Explore the curiously trap-ridden, post-apocalyptic, and futuristic world of Megatropolis as g.R0b0, a little robot that can manipulate gravity. Accompanied by five people that survived the apocalypse by escaping into a virtual world, g.R0b0 will uncover the history and secrets that lie within the barren, planet-sized city’s metallic walls in hopes to find a way to help these five people.

Grobo is a 2D puzzle platformer where you manipulate gravity to overcome hazards and obstacles to explore the world of Megatropolis. We’re aiming for a 2018 release on iOS and Android!

Tune into our dev blog (with a cozy cup of hot chocolate) for future updates and fun stories.



Apartment Plaza
High Voltage
I'm watching you
On the run
I guess it's safe?
Floating is fun
Man to Machine
The Great Expansion


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