Hot Chocolate Games says Hello World!

Hello World! I’m Steven Shing, a co-founder of Hot Chocolate Games, and the one who decided to kick things off with a cheesy programming joke. I am a game designer, programmer, project manager, and all around Pokémon, Fire Emblem, and League of Legends nerd here at Hot Chocolate Games.

We are a startup game studio looking to zap to life fun, exciting, and stimulating games that can be played anywhere and anytime, even while drinking a cup of delicious hot chocolate, or twenty. In this blog, we’ll be covering a myriad of things including news from the company about upcoming games, developer and designer blogs covering our processes, and a potpourri of things that we enjoy here such as our favorite games, places, and pastimes.

Our first upcoming game is Grobo, a 2D puzzle platformer where you explore an empty, metallic, post-apocalyptic world devoid of any life - organic or metal - aside from yourself. You are accompanied by a group of five people who have been lost in the digital sea, but found their way back to the physical world through you, a small robot with the power to manipulate gravity in the space around you. You and the five voices will have to work your way through a myriad of traps set by the AI that controls the empty world to discover the mysteries of what happened, who you are, and what to do next.

We hope you pull up a chair, cup of hot chocolate in hand, and join us on our day to day adventures.

Steven Shing
Co-founder, Game Designer, Programmer, Definitely not a Dunsparce



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