Mid August Update

Hello everyone,

Steven here again with more updates. I’ll be continuing to do these updates as we get closer to the game’s launch as well as post-launch so you can always stay in the know. We’ll be resuming developer blog posts soon. There was a lot going on to prepare for PlayNYC. Sorry to anyone who has been missing them. >.<

We’ve just updated our beta with a small, but important patch. While there are no new levels in this update, there are a lot of UI changes that we promised to follow up on last time. We changed the unintuitive chapter select to a slicker and easier to use sidebar menu. S-Stars are now more distinguishable from 3-Star. The star score you would earn is now also shown while playing a level. The overall UI has been changed to a more minimalistic look to highlight the fantastic art done by Vidal. While we still don’t have the narrative this patch, we now have an actual asset for collectibles. No more random strawberry mimicking Celeste! Lastly, we made some changes to the tutorials by moving the text to the top so that your hand isn’t just covering the instructions as you play. Below are the patch notes:



  • Reworked chapter select to something with more clarity; It's now a sidebar menu you can toggle

  • Reworked UI to be more minimalistic and highlight the art

  • Changed Stars from gray > blue > glow blue to gray > white > blue to be more distinct

  • The number flags on the map nodes now change colors when a perfect score is achieved

  • Swapped positions of Chapters and Settings on the Main Menu

  • Changed Tutorial texts to be above the level rather than below so your hand isn't covering it

  • Shortened Step Tutorial slightly and made the text shorter

  • Updated idle animation

  • Updated footsteps sfx to better match the speed of Grobo

  • Updated small conveyor belts to have a corner graphic

  • Updated lasers to change graphics if multiple lasers are on one tile

  • New collectibles icon (no longer a strawberry) - functionality is still not implemented


  • [Belt Thinning] Fixed bug where sometimes you could get caught on the edge of a conveyor belt when falling off a ledge and get trapped in infinite gravity shift

  • [Solvable Tutorial] Fixed bug in step tutorial where the next step could be triggered in the wrong location, thus making the level unsolvable


Like last time, I’ll mention what we’re working and what’s still to come. A disclaimer - not all of this might be in the next update to the Beta:

  • A whole new chapter! We’ve decided to release with another chapter in addition to what we currently have. It will be Chapter 4: Crimson Paradise and will have 10 new levels, new assets, new mechanics, new music, and more about the story

  • Implement Collectibles and have the Collectibles Screen be accessible from the Main Menu

  • Adding in build-up animations to the lasers and repulsion engines

  • Adding animated juice to the laser beams

  • More juice and polish

  • Continued cleanup for Grobo’s animations

  • New Death animations

  • Music and sfx clean up (clean loops)

  • A release trailer


We showcased at PlayNYC 2019 this past weekend and it was both amazing and exhausting. Many of us left with strained voices, but that’s a good thing. It meant that we had a lot of activity and visibility. It was, by far, the most successful expo we’ve been to yet. Thank you to everyone who played Grobo at the expo! Remember when I said we’d be blogging more dev thoughts? Well, you can expect Arman to have something this month about our experiences at PlayNYC!

Look forward to more updates in the future! Cheers!



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